Why is it that no matter how often we say "time flies" we're always surprised when time flies? I was thinking today that it's already been a year since our visit to Manitoba, and almost a year since we returned to Germany. Time flies. In some ways, of course, it feels like we were just there. We were just with our families. We just saw our friends. We just celebrated my parents' 50th. Time doesn't just fly. It zooms!

The past year has been filled with ups and downs, as most years are. Though we ourselves have very little to complain about. From afar, we have definitely felt the hurts of others. We've prayed for you and we've thought of you often. We've rejoiced with you, too, and we're so thankful for the times of rejoicing. 

Right now we are in a period of rejoicing over another year of school successfully being completed, and what has been a restful summer break (so far)! For our holidays this year, we've been going to the Kandern pool. It has been wonderful. A five minute drive has us at this sweet little oasis. We can get away from the heat for as little or as long as we want. We're bound to see at least a couple of friends there because Kandern summers are all about cooling off at the pool. :) While Doug has continued to work throughout the month of July, it's been a bit more relaxed than usual. He has played lots of Yahtzee!, Scrabble, Lego and gone swimming with the kids. We even found time for a date before the kids got out of school (which was July 1!). We've also spent a little time at the dentist this summer. Nadia's teeth appear to need a lot of work, which is a surprise seeing as she doesn't eat a lot of sweet stuff, and really does prefer veggies (even over most fruit!) to snack on. :( We're looking at alternatives to fillings and crowns. Please pray for her teeth! And, pray that when we go to the dentist, she'll feel at ease. She's always very uptight and worried about pain, which makes the idea of having so much work done even less appealing. 


I took a bike ride with my neighbour friend last week. We rode from our street to Weil am Rhein and back (about 50kms). Now I'd like a gel seat for Christmas. ;) We enjoyed both a coffee break and an ice cream break along the way. 

This week, I joined three other women on a 27 km walk along the Westweg which is a walking trial through the Black Forest that starts in Basel and ends 285 kms north in Pforzheim. It was a beautiful walk that took us up to the highest peak in the Black Forest - a mountain called Feldberg. I could hardly walk by the time I got home. But it was worth the pain!

And, now it's time to get the school supplies in order (Keegan is so excited about starting at the Middle School), think about Keegan's birthday, and prepare for the start of our fourth year at BFA. The new staff are starting to arrive already. In fact, their orientation begins next week. We're excited to see who is joining the BFA team, and we will gather together with them in two weeks for the All Staff Conference. Before you know it, it'll be Christmas. Because... time zooms! :D