A new school year has begun and I've started a new role as Alumni Relations Coordinator. Sounds fancy. ;)  At one of our first staff meetings, we talked about why we're here. It was a great reminder to me of what BFA supports. Among our student body, we have 59 different countries represented. Parents working in all these different places sending their kids to us, to care for and educate. Our staff are working with them to teach them how to succeed emotionally, spiritually, virtually, and socially when they leave this place. We're enabling their parents to continue the work they've been called by God to do. We've been so blessed to have a number of BFA grads, who were both in the boarding program and home students, return as staff and talk warmly of their time here. They've expressed how this place becomes such an important part of who they are. This year, there are at least four new staff who are BFA grads. Their stories are my favourite, because we hear about how the school has impacted their life. They are proud to have been a part of this school, and they carry that badge with honour. 

BFA has been doing this for 60 years now! We're looking forward to continuing to be a part of BFA as they/we strive to give students the best learning and home-away-from-home experience we can!