I had a blog post almost ready to go just after Christmas, but forgot to post it. Oops!! Here it is - although extremely late. Something fresher and more springy is just around the corner. :) ************************************

It is incredibly hard to believe that we've already completed the first semester of our second year at BFA. The kids have long settled into their school routines, and Doug and I have found our groove with the work we're doing at the school (and at home). We enjoyed a busy fall, with the start of school, lantern festivals, Thanksgiving dinners, playdates with friends, and our small group to name a few things. BFA experienced a very busy first semester with some difficult situations to work through, but I think the school has grown through it, and hopefully the second semester will show it! One of my favourite things in the last few months was the Glühwein Hock that we hosted together with our small group people across the street. We printed up invitations to give to all of the neighbours on our street inviting them to come and enjoy Glühwein and snacks. Jessie, Natalie and I brought along some snacks, warmed up some Glühwein, and proceeded to enjoy mingling with our neighbours outside. There was such a great turnout! I think that 75% (maybe more!) of our neighbours came, which was just wonderful. I would love to see us host another little gathering like this during the spring or summer. :)

Christmas was a great time here,too. I certainly struggled with feeling really homesick over the holidays. Knowing that everyone else is getting together back home makes it a wee bit harder to be here! We still had a great holiday, although Doug did spend a good chunk of it with a terrible cold, and Nadia was out with the flu for five days, with Doug and I joining her for one of them. Not SO wonderful, but maybe it helped me get over the homesick feelings. ;) I had hoped that at midnight on New Year's Eve we could walk our little family over to a little spot that overlooks Kandern so we could watch the whole town shoot off their fireworks. But, the flu snuffed that idea out. Hopefully next year!