For the last few days, we've had a guest. Just outside our house. Who likes to hit our windows. Frequently. A number of things crossed my mind as I lay awake listening to the bird's determined attempts to best his transparent foe. Can I shoot him without hitting the house? Is he a bewitched relative trying to warn us of imminent danger? Not all my thoughts were lucid, I was sleepy. And no, I didn't hide under the window, pent and waiting for him like a living whac-a-mole, then jump up and punch the window where he appeared... That would be crazy.

By now, decidedly awake, I tried to look at the bird's presence from a different perspective, to sit quietly and see if God had a lesson here for me. And there it was. Clearly seeing your objective doesn't mean you can achieve it, any more than stubborn persistence can help you get there. A closed window is as good as a closed door.

As the time to move to Germany approaches, our objective seems clear, and within reach. Yet, what we see right now is our ministry on the other side of a closed window, and smashing our thick, feathery skulls against the window won't open it any faster. We wait, seeing the goal on the other side, and know that God's timing is perfect. We continue to prepare, in faith, that He will open the window when our place, our purpose there, is ready.