Earlier this month the kids enjoyed Theatre Week! It was a week of learning lines for different plays and creating sets to go along with them. Each grade worked on one or more plays to present to the rest of the school and they also had times when parents could come to enjoy all that they'd worked on. This year, both of our kids were mice! But not in the same play. The kids are asked to help find costumes for themselves as well. We weren't highly creative over here! Keegan and Nadia both dressed in gray and put on some mouse ears that they borrowed from friends. Then I painted on a little black nose and some whiskers. Keegan even had a tail to complete his mousey look. :) It was really fun to see how into their plays they were, and how much fun all of the kids had working together. What a fun way to spend a week of school!  

Keegan's class presented a number of different plays based on fables. He was part of "The Lion & the Mouse". The story is about a mouse who gets caught by a lion because he is running on the lion and wakes him up.  The mouse begs the lion to let him go because he could be of help to the lion one day. The lion wonders how a mouse could ever help a lion? He finds the mouse's logic quite funny and decides to let him go. Shortly after, the lion lands in a hunter's trap. The mouse happens to walk by and chews the ropes to set the lion free. "Wasn't I right?" says the mouse. The moral of the story: you're never too small to help. 

Nadia's class put on two different plays. She was the mouse for "The Mitten". It's a Ukrainian folktale in which a Baba knits a pair of mittens for her grandson. He really wants white mittens, much to his Baba's dismay. She is sure that if he drops one in the snow he'll never be able to find it because it'll blend in. He does end up dropping it, and then along come various animals who view this mitten as a cozy spot to stay warm on a cold winter day. Nadia was the last little critter to climb into the mitten (which was a white bed sheet) and her line was "Darf ich auf deine Nase sitzen, Bär?" (Can I sit on your nose, bear?) When she climbed in, her whiskers made the bear sneeze and all of the animals flew out of the mitten. The boy found it soon after it emptied and proudly brought it home to show his grandma. Still in tact, but a little stretched out. 

I was proud of both kids for bravely going up and doing their part!

At the end of that week, there were basketball games at BFA. Nadia and I went to hang out on Friday night. She and her friend have matching robes and were incredibly excited to wear them to the basketball games together. Funny girls!