June has been a whirlwind of a month! We started of the month celebrating Stadtlitag (Google translate says it is literally "city day") in Kandern, after enjoying lunch together with friends. At this little town festival, we met up with our neighbours as well as some other friends and the kids enjoyed bouncing in the bouncy castle while we looked on. The energy at each little town festival is high! I love seeing all the people out and hearing a cover band playing their 80's rock tunes in the background. Feels a little like the Sunflower Festival in Altona on Street Dance night. :)

June 2 marked 13 years of marriage for Doug and I. We celebrated by ordering some pizza from a little Italian place in Kandern and eating it while we watched a movie with Keegan and Nadia. Pretty low key, but very perfect. I think we were all pretty happy with this arrangement. Plus, we were looking ahead to the arrival of my (Christal's) parents later in the month to take advantage of some free babysitting, and then head out on an outside-the-house-date!

We've had playdates, and birthday parties, and visited new friends, had many grill outs with friends and neighbours, attended a banquet, hosted a missional small group meeting in our home, gone to doctor's appointments, said farewell to friends, had our German Visas updated... It has been full!

Nadia's birthday was on June 20th. We celebrated by going out for ice cream, she had a birthday party with some of her friends. We kept it very simple, in fact, Nadia planned her own games for the most part. Some were just spontaneous! She requested playing "duck, duck, goose", "hide & seek", and "tag". There was an impromptu game of "hop on one/both legs from the couch to the window and back" (about 10 feet), as well as "hop scotch". I was a little worried that her party was too low-key, but one of her friends told me near the end of the event that it was a "really fun party". Yay! :) On Nadia's actual birthday we took her to her favourite restaurant - McDonald's! :D

On June 24th, my parents arrived and we've had a chance to go pick bing cherries together, rode the train to Titisee where we took a boat ride around the lake (thanks Mom & Dad!), taken in the U.S. vs. Germany Fußball match, and have just enjoyed spending time together for the first time in almost a year.

On June 26th, there was an event held at SchallWerkStadt (the music academy run by Janz Team) called "Inspirationstag", or "Inspiration Day". There were a few individuals giving talks on how to live missional - living like Jesus among our neighbours, wherever we are. I was asked to help prepare the lunch for this day. Together with about 5 other women, we made lunch for about 40 people. It would've been great to take part in the sessions, too, but I really did love being in the kitchen with these other women!

July will be equally busy, I expect! But you'll have to wait until July's over to find out what July held.

Thank you for your continued support both in prayer and financially. We are blessed to have you on our 'team'!

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