My cousin Melanie and I are born a year and three days apart. Seems like a good excuse to celebrate getting older together! Yesterday, we celebrated our birthdays the same way we have for the last two years. We start off our time together with a hearty breakfast (regardless of the time of day). Different combinations of bacon, ham, eggs, toast, pancakes, omelettes, orange juice and coffee along with some good gabbing and we're about ready to hit the trails. Our first year we tried out the trails at St. Vital Park and last year and this year we skied at the Windsor Park Nordic Club. We attempted some skate skiing, but failed. It's a lot harder than it looks and it turns out we're much better at laughing! We managed to stay on our feet the whole 5kms, which makes for a pretty successful day in my books. :) I'm going to miss celebrating with Mel next January, but am counting on her coming out to Germany so we can celebrate there. ;)