The last three weeks have been one birthday party after another! First of all, Doug's birthday was in the first week of November. We gave him a little something for the seven days leading up to his special day. This is a little tradition we started the first year we were here. It's a lot of fun to honour the person whose birthday it is by deliberately celebrating them during the days leading up to their actual birthday. 

The kids have also attended a number of parties these last few weeks. Between the two of them there have been five friends to celebrate! They've had lots of fun. There've been trips to an indoor swimming pool, an indoor Kinderland, pinatas, butterfly crafts and lots of cake and candy! 

November 11 we celebrated St. Martin's Day with the village of Wollbach. We went out and marched through the streets of the village with lanterns and flashlights stopping at certain points to sing songs while the band played. This evening always ends with wurst, buns, and Kinderpunsch or Glühwein. We had enjoyed a nice big supper at home before we went out, so the kids each had a glass of Kinderpunsch and then we headed home. 

Last Friday, the kids' school had a Thanksgiving party. They were divided into teams of about 10 kids, given a group name, and then were led from station to station by volunteers. I happened to be one of those lucky volunteers and our group was the turkeys. We had fun gobbling and flapping our wings as we moved from one station to the next. Included in the turkey group were Keegan and Nadia - luck of the draw! The children did an edible craft (see the picture), made an owl candle holder, played some games and did a scavenger hunt for things to make a catapult. The festivities ended with a Thanksgiving lunch, complete with turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy and apple pie. The kids all had such a great time!

We're heading into the Christmas season here, and though you can't tell it by the weather, there are other signs around us. There have been Christmas goodies on sale at one of the grocery stores in Kandern since September! And, a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine invited me and a couple of other ladies to join her and go watch Handel's Messiah in Loerrach. I hadn't seen it since I was in high school, so it was quite special to be able to go and enjoy this concert now as an adult!