We're in the midst of a busy season! Christmas is always filled with all sorts of wonderful activities. I've been able to enjoy a few great things the last little while. I enjoyed a Frauenfrühstuck with a couple of neighbours. Tanja put on a huge spread for us to enjoy, and Jessie and I brought something to share as well. 

There was a baptism in our church a couple of weeks ago. Two people were baptized, and while I couldn't understand everything they said as they gave their testimonies, I did understand bits and pieces and know that both of them are proud to be counted as followers of Christ. After the baptism, we enjoyed a potluck lunch (Gemeindemittagessen). The baptism tank is a huge pail - the kind that is used during the grape harvest! I was told the water was very cold.

The town of Kandern has an event in December called the "Abendverkauf und Weihnachtsstraße" (Evening shopping and Christmas Street). This sweet little event has Stockbrot (like bannock), several fires placed all over the Blumenplatz (where all the "fests" in Kandern are held), wurst, punch and mulled wine. This year, they had little baggies of treats for the kids as well as a free hot dog and bun for the kids. It was a beautiful evening to be out in the community. Keegan ran around with his friends while we were there, so we didn't see much of him. Nadia stayed a little closer to me only because I asked her to. Which allowed me to get a cute picture of her with a few of her grade one friends! 

We've also had the pleasure of enjoying the kids Christmas program already! It was last Friday, December 4. I was quite determined to be there early this year so we could sit nearer to the front and actually hear and see what was happening on stage. Well, we were so very early that the lights hadn't even been turned on yet - oops! Needless to say we got some of the BEST seats in the house and it allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the program. :) This year, the students did a skit called "The Christmas Spelling Bee", or in German "Der Weihnachtsbuchstabierwettbewerb." It was about the different names of Jesus and how the contestants learn more about the character and nature of our Saviour. The kids did a great job! Keegan and Nadia's part was the chapel band, which played instruments for the two closing songs of the program. 

Also this past weekend, we were invited to a Vorweihnachtsfeier (pre-Christmas party). We met and chatted with some different families from CSK for a while at the home of some friends of ours. Aside from the good conversation we could have, there was all sorts of food to enjoy, and the kids had a blast playing with each other.

It's 10 days until the Christmas break for our kids, and only seven for BFA students! Please keep the staff and students who will be traveling over the holidays in mind. People are going in all sorts of different directions for the break and prayers for safety and rest would be appreciated. We, however, will be staying right here! We're looking forward to spending time together as a family and perhaps taking a few day trips to further explore our area.