We've just finished up a three-week visit with Doug's parents. We had been looking forward to their time here since they told us they would like to come and visit last fall. It's hard to believe that the visit is over, and so is most of March! They arrived almost one week before BFA hosted the International Christian Educators Conference (ICEC), and before the kids were finished with school. It was so special to have them here for the circus performance the kids at CSK put on the Friday before spring break started. Since January, the kids have been working on different aspects of circus performance. Keegan was in the clown group, and Nadia was in the pigeon training group. Sadly, the pigeons were deemed too old and uncooperative so she was placed in the hula hoop group instead. The idea behind this circus training is that it will encourage the kids to step out of their comfort zones and try something new. I think it worked! Nadia was very against the whole idea because she was scared that they would make her do something she didn't want to - like the splits. :D We (together with her teachers) gave her permission to sit on the sidelines and make her decision after seeing what these sessions were like. She came home after the first day very excited about taking part in it! 

Len and Faye being here allowed Doug and I to attend ICEC to whatever degree we wanted/needed to! I enjoyed a couple of workshops (as did Doug) in addition to the main sessions all staff were expected to attend. We had some fabulous speakers, one of whom had been a roommate of Doug's brother when he taught in Kenya, and also knows my cousin and her husband who taught at the same school. The world seems to grow continually smaller! Our attending the conference gave Grandma and Grandpa some special alone time with the kids, which they all enjoyed thoroughly by playing games, and going on a picnic. Following the conference, Doug's parents went to visit some other friends for a couple of days, and then we all headed off to Munich together for six days. We took the train there (a nice, stress-free journey on which nobody got sick!) and used the subway to get around the city once we arrived. Some of the highlights were the Deutsches Museum, the sights around the Marienplatz, an aquarium called Sea Life, the 1972 Olympic Park, and Doug and his dad also visited the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. We really enjoyed the hustle of the city, but WOW, did it feel so good to get back to "our Germany" (as Nadia called it). 

Upon our return, we geared up for Easter celebrations. We enjoyed an evening service at the English church in Kandern on Good Friday as well as the morning service there on Sunday, had our egg hunt on Saturday afternoon when it was sunny and warm, and enjoyed a big meal together on Sunday evening followed by a short stroll through our neighbourhood. 

Poof! Three weeks over, just like that. Doug's parents returned to Canada yesterday, on an uneventful set of flights (as far as we know!). We're so thankful that they could come and see us again and look forward to our next visit!