This is a question we get a lot and one I'm never really sure how to answer! What do people want to know, I wonder? To hopefully answer some of those questions, here's a little run down of where things are at:  1. I get asked pretty often whether we will sell our house. That's a great question! We are not planning to sell our house at this point. We would love to find renters to live here while we're away. Since our term is two years to start, it seems wise to keep it for now and then reassess once our term ends.

2. We do not yet know where we'll be living when we get to Germany. It could be a house or it could be an apartment. It could be in Kandern but more likely it'll be in one of the little villages nearby. We are told that we will be able to purchase things at reasonable prices from people who are leaving BFA, which is great to know. For anything that we might need to buy new we can make a trip to the nearby IKEA. :)

3. Keegan will be attending the Kandern Christian School while we're in Germany. It's a bilingual school, so he'll be learning German for about half the day (I think!). Most of the grades in that school have two teachers each - one English speaking teacher, and one German speaking teacher. The English speaking teacher will teach the German kids English, and the German teacher will teach the English kids German. I'm sure this extends to other subjects as well. We will have lots to learn about how school works in Germany. For now, I'm pretty excited about our kids learning German!

4. We learned recently that Germany doesn't have preschool. They have Kindergarten for kids ages 3-5 (which is very much like preschool out here) and then Grade 1 for six-year olds. Kindergarten there does not involve academics. It's more focused on playing, activities, and learning through themes. There's no spelling or math until kids are in grade 1! A little different from here. I am told that Kindergarten is an excellent way for the kids to start learning the language. Yay for Nadia!

5. We are gearing up to connect with more people about supporting us financially. This is the subject that's the hardest to talk about. Knowing how (or whether!) people want to be approached can be tricky. We have felt really encouraged by the people who have already committed to helping us in this way! Thank you!! We have quite a ways to go before we're ready to leave for Germany. Maybe we'll have to get one of those fundraising thermometers to show where we're at?

6. I'm starting to think about the things that we'll need to sell/pack/store/give away before we leave. This can be reeeealllly overwhelming at times. I don't think we have that much stuff until I really start to look around and think about it and then I get flustered! *Breathe*

I think that about covers it! If any of you readers out there have questions for us, please let us know. We can answer you in person, by email, phone, text, or maybe in a special blog post with your name in it. Or you can remain anonymous. :)

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