A couple of weeks ago, Nadia had a friend come over to play for the afternoon. We went on a nature walk through the forest to a lookout where we can see all of Kandern. The kids pretended they were finding treasure buried beneath the leaves on the way there. Once we arrived, we decided to break sticks up into small pieces and build a fire-less fire. We (or maybe it was more me) enjoyed building our little fire tipi, and then pretended to warm up our hands by the fire. It was so nice outside! It really felt more like fall. After our fire was complete, the kids took some larger sticks and started to rake leaves into a pile and then they took turns falling in the leaves. It reminded me so much of a lovely fall day back in Landmark, when Doug's Dad would be out raking the leaves up and he'd take the kids for rides in a trailer full of leaves all around the yard. This was a small taste of home and it was fun to share it with a new friend. Last week at CSK (Keegan's school) it was Theatre Week. From what I understand, each grade put on a play. Keegan's class performed a play entitled "Second Grade Goes Around the World!/2. Klasse auf Weltreise. One of Keegan's teachers wrote the play for the class to perform! Keegan was the pilot of the plane that was taking his daughter and some friends around the world. He did a great job of acting, and it was fun to see him exploring theatre!

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