Fall is such a great time to visit our area (hint, hint). The colours have been particularly amazing this year. Or, I have been more keenly aware of their beauty. Either way - it’s been just fabulous! In addition to the beautiful colours all around, there’s also a festival just about every weekend in some little village. In my last post, I mentioned the Kandern pottery market. Since then, I also checked out the Kunsthandwerkermarkt in Holzen. It’s an arts and craft sale. Lots of pottery, leather goods (bracelets, keychains), wooden items, paintings, jewelry, etc. Everything is handmade by the people selling it. One of my favourites was the wood worker who had tiny dresser-like pieces which I assume were jewelry boxes. They reminded me of something you might see in Alice in Wonderland.

The other thing I checked out while there was food! The Kuerbissuppe (pumpkin soup), Zwiebelwaie (like a wafer thin crust pizza, covered with creme fraiche and sauteed onions), and frisch gepressten Apfelsaft (fresh pressed apple juice). Many German fests have some sort of food specialty connected to the event. These three items did not disappoint! I enjoyed meandering around the market with my neighbour, who I roped into walking out there with me. Great way to spend a sunny weekend afternoon.

Also this month we went to celebrate Thanksgiving in Strasbourg, France with Menno and Lydia. They invited Lydia’s nephew and his family to join the festivities, too. It was like a mini-reunion of Landmarkers! I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures of our time together, but we had a really great afternoon. 

When we arrived home from Strasbourg, we headed outside to the annual Burgunderstraße Straßenfest. More pumpkin soup and a bunch of other food, too! Pumpkins are a bit of a thing around here. :) It’s such a lovely time to get out and visit with the people who live on our street.

Keegan and Nadia’s school put on a nice Thanksgiving chapel. Both of our kids are in the chapel band. For the song they performed/led, the kids each played a different note of a xylophone (see the picture). Each fall the school also invites the students to bring food to put on the Thanksgiving table in the foyer. This year, the food was donated to the refugee centre that is near Kandern.

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