Whoosh! That's the sound that a month makes when it flies past you. Actually, it's much quieter than that. Discreet enough to keep you from realizing it's gone, until it's out of reach.

Fortunately for me, June is a month that always reminds me of its presence right away, thanks to our anniversary. June 2, we rang the bell on another year, bringing our streak up to 12 since getting married in 2001. Time flies when you're having fun! We celebrated our anniversary by enjoying a relaxing, sunny afternoon in Winnipeg, eating some coal-fired pizza, and capping it with a movie at home. It was a nice island of reprieve in a chaotic schedule.

This June, in particular, is shaping up to be one we'll not soon forget, with the flurry of activities that surrounds our pending departure added to a month of annual festivities that also includes Nadia's birthday and Father's Day (what colour tie will it be this year?). If you've checked our support page recently, you'll see that we're up to 56% on the day, which means we're not in Germany yet. ;)

We are, however, at the point where I need to start working out my transition away from the U of Manitoba. There's a  pang of reality when you're planning out your last day, still being so far from the goal. Yet, we really don't feel like we're that far off. Dichotomies and inconsistencies will likely be how I remember this time, one day, because our peace and sense of God's will in our lives certainly betrays the human desire to be in control of our situation.

It's with that in mind that we'd ask all you prayer warriors to remember us in the next few weeks. Please pray that God would continue to put our ministry with BFA and TeachBeyond onto peoples' hearts, and that people would be motivated to submit pledge forms in the near future. Knowing that pledges are in, even if the start date for the pledge isn't until August, helps us immensely right now as we prepare for our departure and needs in the coming couple of months.

Anyhoo, that's long enough for a Friday. Thanks for continuing to keep us in your thoughts/prayers, and we'll talk again soon, I'm sure!