I'm thinking things are starting to look pretty normal here already, aren't they? :)

Wednesday morning starts off the same way as the last two mornings: wake up, shower, eat breakfast, get the kids ready for the day. Then it changes! This is one of Nadia's favourite days of the week because we stay home together. Isn't that great?  I've also found that this break in the middle of the week for her is very  needed. She often asks to stay home the next day, too! Moving along... When she first started attending the Kindergarten in Kandern, she went five mornings a week. This is much different than preschool in Landmark where she was only going two mornings a week for 2.5 hours. So five days a week for 3-3.5 hours is a big change! Initially, we decided because to keep her home on Wednesdays because Keegan has to walk in with Doug on Wednesday mornings. This is because there's no school bus from Riedlingen to Kandern on this day. You see, one day a week the high school has a late start and the elementary school has early dismissal.  We thought I'd have to go pick up Nadia from her school, come home for lunch, then leave an hour later to get Keegan, and have to spend an hour in Kandern before he actually arrived (buses don't always run when I'd like them to!). Because the high school has a late start day, the school buses don't run until high schoolers have to go to school, which is around 9:30. The elementary school students have to rely on other forms of transportation on Wednesdays because there's no bus to take them from BFA to outlying villages at the end of the day either. Unless they wait at BFA until the 4:00 bus heads out with the high schoolers. Anyway! With this schedule, it made the most sense for the girls to stay home on Wednesdays. We've since found a wonderful solution where Nadia and I go to our friend's place down the hill around 2:30 to play with their little girls, and she (our friend Kristen) goes and picks up her son and Keegan at about 2:45. Wonderful! The kids then get a chance to play together a little bit in the middle of the week, which they all love.

So, Wednesdays are nice for Nadia and I. We have spent some mornings at home just getting laundry and cleaning done - or playing. We've gone for walks, done grocery runs, gone shopping with friends. It's great! Once we get home from the Cagwin's, we're back to homework, supper prep, eating... You get the picture. :)

This week Wednesday evening, we went out on our first date night since we arrived! Actually, it was a double date and it was so fun! We drove out to a little town called Fischingen and had dinner together with the Cagwins. It was nice to get out together and have some uninterrupted adult conversation. Looking forward to our next outing!