Originally I had planned to do the whole week in one day, but after writing out the first few posts for this series, I realized that would be a really long and possibly boring read. Now, it's just possibly boring! ;) Tuesday starts off the same way Monday did, except this day I bring both kids into Kandern on the "Schulbus". Which is like a transit bus. Actually, it's not like a transit bus. It IS a transit bus. Once Keegan is safely in line for his next bus to Wollbach (where his school is), Nadia and I hustle over to her Kindergarten. We have about 15, sometimes 20, minutes to get there. And we have to be there by 9:00 because that's when circle time starts, and the teachers don't like it if your child is late for circle time (I don't begrudge them this at all). Once she's settled in there, I often hike off to Penny (the grocery store) to pick up a few groceries. A little here and there is so much easier than trying to load up when you're walking home. If I'm quick, I can get my groceries and be home shortly after 9:30.

Once I'm home and I've unpacked my groceries, I spend the remaining time on communication with our supporters. I have close to an hour and a half to do this. Sometimes I'll pop a load of laundry into the wash first. This Tuesday, while working on supporter communication, I made a coffee cake. Nadia (and I) were invited to a friend's house for a play date after Kindergarten and it included lunch! We spend our afternoon with friends, and then return home to get supper cooking. Keegan has Awana on Tuesdays right after school, and Doug helps out with Tennis practice this day, so the boys come home together on the late bus. They get here around 6:00. Then it's eat (we had hamburger soup), homework (usually just reading this day) and get the kids into bed.

See Monday for possible Tuesday evening activities. :)