In fairness, this will be a slightly skewed view of a week in our lives. It's more like a week in the life of me (Christal, for those of you who aren't sure who's writing this... though very soon it'll become clear!) and a touch of everyone else. Anyway, I know it's hard to imagine what our lives are like here. I remember wondering the same sort of thing about friends in Madagascar. So, buckle up. This'll be a longer post. Which contradicts what I said I'd do the next time I posted. :/


6:45 - the alarm rings and I know I've got to get up if we're going to get out the door in time to catch our buses to Kandern. Doug doesn't need as much time to do his hair, so he gets to sleep a little longer. ;)

7:15 - the kids are up and Doug or I help Nadia with outfit selection, we all eat breakfast, brush our teeth and hair, pack lunches and bags.

8:00ish - Doug leaves with Nadia this morning to catch the bus to Kandern and then bring her to Kindergarten. The Kindergarten is about a 15 minute walk from BFA.

8:20ish - Keegan and I hike down the hill to his bus stop. At 8:37 (or 8:35, or 8:40, or 8:32...) his bus comes by to pick him up.

8:45 - I stay down at the bottom of the hill and wait for a couple of dorm parents to pick me up to go grocery shopping in Lörrach. Every Monday morning the dorm parents go and stock up for half the week. Thursdays the RAs go and do the big shop for the weekend. The dorm Dad from HBR has been in Canada for the last few weeks meeting with supporters leaving his wife the only dorm parent (thankfully, she has three RAs to help her out!) and staff member working on Mondays. RAs have the day off and since I'm usually there on Monday mornings to bake or do whatever they'd like me to, I join Pat on a grocery run. It's fun to fill a cart with stuff I don't have to pay for! :)

10:30 or so, we're heading back to Riedlingen and by 10:45 I'm back home. I have a snack, chill for a bit, then tidy up and start my walk into Kandern to pick up Nadia from Kindergarten. By shortly after 12:00 we're on our way to the bus stop to catch our ride home. By 12:30 we're getting lunch on the table and then Nadia gets to enjoy a show while I clean things up. Afternoons are generally about keeping house around here. And at 4:00 we make our way down the hill to pick Keegan up from the bus stop.

If all goes as planned, Keegan does his homework as soon as he gets home, so that the time between supper and going to bed is free for play. After homework is done, it's time to get supper on the table. Bedtime for the kids always comes so quickly after supper!

Doug spends every other Monday night at Haus Bad Riedlingen (HBR), which is the boys dorm closest to us. It's the same dorm that I volunteer at on Monday mornings. We were hoping to go as a family, but the combination of young kids and late evenings made it seem like a good idea to do that every now and then, rather than on a regular basis. It's a 2.5 km walk from our place to the dorm and that's really not too far, but when you're four years old and it's 9:00 in the evening it is. :)

In general, evenings are spent tidying up, making lunches for the next day, finishing laundry, relaxing, corresponding by email or phone or Skype, etc.

That's a Monday!