So, all weekdays begin the same. Fridays I may stay home in the morning to do what needs to be done (meal planning, grocery list, laundry, cleaning) or I may take Nadia and Keegan in on the school bus and follow much the same routine I would on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. This Friday was a bit different in that Keegan had the day off of school and Nadia went to Kindergarten. I can't remember the last time Keegan and I were home alone together, and this was a great day!

After cleaning up breakfast, starting some laundry, and tidying up some other messes, Keegan and I headed out on a bike ride. We took a little path with a fairly gentle incline toward a little village (town?) called Liel. Once we got to the highest point on the path we could before we'd enter the woods again, we stopped and surveyed our surroundings. It was a beautiful fall day! Keegan had been pointing out beautiful scenery to me all along the way and now he excitedly proclaimed he could see the mountains with the snow on them! I looked where he was pointing, and sure enough! Way in the distance you could see the peaks of some of the Swiss Alps! I've been waiting to catch a glimpse so I was very excited and he felt so good about himself. :)

After our bike ride, we relaxed for about half an hour and then walked into Kandern to pick up Nadia. We left at 11:15 and made our way casually into town. By the time we picked up Nadia, made a quick stop at Penny and came home, it was 1:30! I made some lunch while the kids played. After lunch, they watched a show and I worked on my Bible study. After their show was done they headed outside to play. I made some cookies and then headed outside myself. One of our neighbours was out there with her children, too, so we chatted a bit (and I practiced my German!). Before we knew it Doug was walking down the street and it was time to head inside to make our weekly pizza.

Regular evening routine follows... well, except on Pizza Friday the kids (often) get to watch a movie while they eat supper. Then it's to bed as usual for them, and chill time for Doug and I. This Friday we'll try and get our own movie in, too. :)

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