A very Happy New Year to you! We have had a fantastic 2015. We've experienced good health, jobs we enjoy, serving at a school we love in a community we feel at home in. We were able to return to Canada for a visit after two years away from the people and places we called home for so many years. Our hearts are full and thankful for the way that God has provided for us through our support system back in North America. 

We spent our Christmas vacation at home. We never went further than half an hour from our house during the break. We had initially thought we'd do some day trips to nearby castles, but it just never happened! Instead, Monopoly was played, movies were watched, books were read, and time was spent playing outside. After our very busy summer in Manitoba, I think the rest we got over the break was exactly what we needed. We've come into 2016 feeling refreshed! We hope your new year is off to a good start, too!