Are you still with me?

You know the drill so let's just jump ahead to after I drop Nadia off at Kindergarten. I once again head over to Penny to pick up some essentials. We were all out of bread (or so I thought), so there were no sandwiches for Doug and Keegan this morning. When I get home I get the groceries put away and do some supporter communication stuff. It's also sunny (!!!) so I get the load of laundry - which I put in before I left this morning - upstairs and go hang most of it out to dry. You must take advantage of sunny days for drying clothes! I went and looked in the fridge for something (probably a snack!) and saw that we did in fact have some bread so I send Doug a message letting him know I can throw a sandwich together for him and bring it to work. He's in favour of this so I do it fast and run down the hill so I can catch the bus. I want to get Nadia from Kindergarten a little early today because we have to head back there again in the afternoon for her class's Kürbis-fest (Pumpkin-fest). The class spent the morning chopping up veggies for pumpkin soup and baking pumpkin cakes (oder Kürbis-Kuchen). For their program, they sang a couple of songs - one German one, and one German/English one. It was very cute to watch! We had less than an hour to enjoy this little festival, which was actually enough for us anyway (except I felt like I inhaled my soup...!). We ran to the nearest bus stop to meet up with Keegan so he wouldn't be coming home to an empty house. Thursdays Doug has been helping out with tennis, so he's home sometime around 6:00.

The time between getting off the bus and supper is always short and filled with homework and supper prep. Because it's been nice out the last couple of days, the kids have spent more time outside playing between school and supper. We've got great neighbours around here, and lots of kids! Though the children don't all speak the same language, they still play together really well! It's nice when I can be out there with the kids and the other


moms because it gives me a chance to practice my German. Almost everyone on our street can speak English, but a very kind neighbour lady said to me that when you're in another person's country, you should really learn their language. I can appreciate this and so we're trying our best to use German more often than English when we meet people on the street. I had one of our neighbours compliment me on my German and I stared at her and said in English "I'm trying!" It's funny how a kind word can completely throw you off track. I think it's because I plan ahead what it is that I want to say, and if the conversation veers off my "script", I'm lost!

This evening I also have a Skype date with Steph! We're working through a book together and have been meeting once a week for the last month. It's been great to connect with her and hear about life back in Landmark. It does make me miss being there a little more sometimes!

That's Thursday.

*Note: I drafted most of these posts last week, so I should have no excuse for not getting this one out on time, but I was home hardly at all yesterday (after Kindergarten, Nadia and I went to Lörrach to do some errands, then our family went to a cookout at a spot which deserves its own post) and by the time I was done my meeting with Steph, it was time to go to sleep.